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We offers one-to-one learning solutions for students and professionals. All of our services are live, on demand and online. Homework help, tutoring, peer coaching, professional development, training, career help –we do it all. But it comes down to our core philosophy that when someone needs help the best way to get it is right away from an experienced expert. Our experts are online 24/7 ready to help. The results: over 14 million one-to-one sessions completed. 90% of the students, teachers, and professionals who use Tutor.com’s services would recommend us to a friend.

Live, on-demand, and one-to-one

When you use a DiGMart learning product, we guarantee you’ll get: the highest quality help; a personalized experience that doesn’t end until your problem is solved; 24/7 access to a real person who can help you. Is there anything better? We haven’t found it yet.

Thousands of experts

Our experts include academic tutors, career tutors, librarians and peer coaches. And, to work with our clients, our experts had to undergo an extensive screening, certification and background-check process. We also use a one-of-a-kind mentoring program. Every expert has a mentor to review their work and provide support when needed.

We serve families, teachers, libraries, schools, colleges, governors and even the military

Every client has different needs. That’s why we offer customized programs from our one-to-one, live learning products to comprehensive implementation, training, marketing and reporting services. Our goal is to make every student, job seeker, professional and teacher a fan and deliver a successful program to every client.


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