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Make a difference, teaching what you love

We love exceptional teachers! Teaching is both who we are and what we do, and there’s no better time to become a prestigious tutor on DiGMart than right now! We have built the most reliable platform to help you teach more people and make greater impact in your own community.

From creating your tutoring subjects, to gaining exposure for your expertise, managing lesson schedules, planning your time, collecting payments and growing your business, Tuteria takes care of every detail so that you can focus 100% on providing great service to your clients, teaching what you love. With Tuteria, you’re part of a community that’s constantly opening new frontiers for you to make more impact.

Whatever your interests, you can trust Digmart Tuteria

Tuteria is built on trust. We have gone the extra mile to ensure your absolute peace of mind when hiring or tutoring, as well as maintain a secure platform for collecting and transferring payments after lessons have been delivered, which helps to protect your data, monitor lessons and resolve any complaints.

Clients and tutors leave reviews after having lessons which are displayed on their profiles and also used to evaluate performance. All activities are monitored and reviewed by our quality team, and only tutors who continue to offer great service can remain on Tuteria. So you can learn and teach with confidence knowing that Tuteria will never compromise on quality and safety. Welcome Home.



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